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Hi friends! I have been submitting stories over to our friends at the Travel BC blog – and they keep publishing me. Sadly this means I haven’t been writing many posts specifically for Lady Camping… but I would like to get back to it over the upcoming holiday break. I will be visiting California with the family and hope to write a couple of new posts about my adventures there, with and without the lovely ladies in my family.

In the meantime, please visit my recent posts:

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Recent Postings over at Travel British Columbia…


I have been a little remiss in my postings on Ladycamping since summer. It is partially due to the fact that – oh, I don’t know – I am a graduate student with a baby. But it is also partly because the lovely folks who publish the Travel British Columbia blog have been posting some pieces I wrote for them. So … go read them!

the In-SHUCK-Ch trail (Pemberton to Harrison via Port Douglas):

Ghost Towns (Phoenix and Sandon, BC)

Birding 101

… and a few more coming too!


Campfire cooking and my new blogging gig…

I have written a series of short posts as a guest blogger for the Travel British Columbia blog … and here is the first! Due to word count limits, I was unable to get in deep with these recipes, or any of the dozens of others I would like to discuss. Got a great story about the time you successfully cooked and ate on an open flame? Or the time you totally blew it, wound up with charred and unrecognizable foodstuffs, and wound up eating chips for dinner instead? Do tell.

And stay tuned for more posts both on the Travel British Columbia blog and here.

Happy summer!

Lady Camping at Cultus Lake

This was an awesome trip – the biggest all-lady camping trip I have organized to date. I believe we had nine for overnight camping, and two additional day-trippers. Cultus Lake is close enough to the Lower Mainland to be a short drive (barring long weekend or rush hour traffic heading east on highway 1), and yet far enough to have significantly warmer weather on sunny days.

This was a great trip for comparing lady-camping styles… From Katie sleeping with the full down duvet and fresh flannel sheets, to Sarah and Julie sleeping in the back of Julie’s truck. All manner of lady camping skills were developed, from fire-starting (Sarah) to tarp-hanging (Nadine) to beer drinking and folding chair-sitting (all). Congrats ladies. A special shout-out to Tina, who hadn’t been camping in at least five years before this trip.

What a blast. Thank you ladies for a great trip! Let’s do it again sometime.

June 2011

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Beachcombing at Hernando Island

I am lucky enough to know someone with a family cabin on Hernando Island. It is a small, privately owned, sandy oasis at the mouth of Desolation Sound, just off Lund, BC. I have been graciously invited a few times and have enjoyed the special magic of the island, so much so that I won’t say much about it here. Some places are too special to say much about.


This summer I spent just two nights there in a tent while four months pregnant. I was past the really-tired stage, and not quite yet at the too-big-to-get-comfortbale stage, so this was the ideal time for some camping. It was also early August, so that helps make things comfortable. Additional bonus for Hernando – it’s dry, and free of any threatening or inconvenient wildlife. The bird song is intense, and there may be a handful of deer on the island, but wolves and bears seem to stay away.


The sea life, however, is an amazing sight. Seals, jellyfish, oysters, clams, geoduck, shrimp and crabs abound. You can spend hours and days just beachcombing. The island is very quiet, the water is very warm, and on a sunny day you can forget altogether where you are.  On this last trip in summer 2012, my partner Jon and I enjoyed the water and the sand for an afternoon. I gathered a few fresh oysters from the rocks, and opened one with trepidation. All of the food-rules and pregnancy restrictions fell away while I drank down that oyster. Heaven.


Learn to Camp at Fort Langley, June 22-23

Last year I had the pleasure to camp for a night with two other capable lady campers in the shadow of Fort Langley at Brae Island Regional Park. This is a neat location, very nearby for city-dwellers. Not wilderness camping by any stretch, but an easy way to spend the night out-of-doors. There are great cafes and antique malls nearby for them that likes to end a camping trip with a latte and lap around a warehouse full of vintage tea sets and record collections. Who doesn’t? Full posting of this trip is forthcoming.

Anyway, I am pleased to see this program just announced. I am very interested in “learning to camp” as a concept. Glad this is being offered!

Learn-to Camp Fort Langley

Parks Canada and Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), with the support of other local partners, will present a Learn-to Camp program from June 22 to 23, 2013. Participating families will sleep in a tent overnight at Fort Camping in Brae Island Regional Park near Fort Langley National Historic Site, and enjoy outdoor activities with other families and experts. Meals and equipment will be provided. In addition, a visit to Fort Langley National Historic Site on June 23 is included.

Transportation to the campground is the responsibility of each family or group. Advance registration is required.

I am looking for more information, will post a link when I find the original source.