Lady Camping at Cultus Lake

This was an awesome trip – the biggest all-lady camping trip I have organized to date. I believe we had nine for overnight camping, and two additional day-trippers. Cultus Lake is close enough to the Lower Mainland to be a short drive (barring long weekend or rush hour traffic heading east on highway 1), and yet far enough to have significantly warmer weather on sunny days.

This was a great trip for comparing lady-camping styles… From Katie sleeping with the full down duvet and fresh flannel sheets, to Sarah and Julie sleeping in the back of Julie’s truck. All manner of lady camping skills were developed, from fire-starting (Sarah) to tarp-hanging (Nadine) to beer drinking and folding chair-sitting (all). Congrats ladies. A special shout-out to Tina, who hadn’t been camping in at least five years before this trip.

What a blast. Thank you ladies for a great trip! Let’s do it again sometime.

June 2011

P1070418TThis P1070415 P1070411 P1070410  P1070400


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