French Press Sangria





Campers, gather ’round. Come sit beside me while I share with you a little secret.

Bring your french press (Bodum) camping with you. When you are done making your morning coffee, rinse that sucker out. Fill it with any ripe fruits you happen to have stupidly packed (warm, squishy grapes, raspberries, strawberries are perfect for this), plus any wine you need to get rid of (so you can keep the site tidy and deal with recyclables or containers, obviously). Leave your new french press magic to brew while you carry on your day. 

When you are ready to kick your day into sangria mode, plunge the pot and serve. Voila, fruits stay self-contained for dishing out separately (yum) or burning on the fire at the end of the night so your site doesn’t turn into a sweet, sticky mess of a wasp / fly / bear trap.

Note: this recipe also work as a non-alcoholic punch with¬†juice, or try using herbal tea bags and water for a “sun tea” just like Oma used to make at the lake in the giant jar under the hummingbird feeder.